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OutFront Minnesota Statement on Trumpís Executive Order against Refugees and Immigrants

January 30, 2017  


We are appalled and outraged by the actions of the Trump administration. This is not the United States of America that we have fought for and continue to fight for – one which values and sees the estimated 1 million LGBTQ immigrants in our community. Many of us are refugees and immigrants, and we represent all races, religions, and countries from across the world.    


For decades, Minnesota has welcomed refugees and immigrants from all over the world.  Since 2007, Minnesota has opened its doors to more than 20,000 refugees, the highest numbers fleeing violence from Somalia, Burma, and Ethiopia. This has only created a more diverse and thriving Minnesota. President Trump’s policies are in direct opposition to our values as a nation to be a refuge from persecution. The promise to “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free….” should remain the guiding principle of this nation and state.   


Trump’s Executive Order specifically calls out Muslim immigrants for discrimination, and will prevent all but a handful of people from Syria, the world's largest refugee population, from entering the US. Since the crisis first began in 2011, the US has safely welcomed over 15,000 people from Syria, who have already endured a lengthy and rigorous screening process to enter.   


The Trump administration has broken with more than 40 years of bipartisan US policy – and over 200 years of US tradition – by closing the door to people fleeing war and terror. Trump has taken a wrecking ball to the Statue of Liberty.   


Our country was built from the genocide of Indigenous communities and by the hands of Black slaves. We are a people fighting for the very soul of this nation and state. Many generations of people have fought to eliminate the hate, fear, and discriminatory practices of a belief system that continues to thrive and perpetuate xenophobia. Those in power under this administration are committing violence against the people who are the fabric of this country. They are prioritizing their own dogmatic beliefs over the common good of all people in this country.   


This is not the United States of America that we love. Our immigrant and refugee friends enrich and contribute to every sector of this country. With every wave of immigrants and refugees to this country, our nation and our LGBTQ communities have become stronger. We believe and affirm that the USA, the land of freedom and opportunity, has been and must remain a safe haven for immigrants and refugees. We must protect this country’s principles as a global ally to other nations and a safety net for those in need. In Minnesota, we are speaking out in solidarity with our immigrant and refugee neighbors.


We will continue to send immigrant and refugee action alerts as information becomes available.  Stay tuned!





PDF Statement available HERE


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