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Legal Program

Offers training and consultation on LGBTQ issues. Provides referrals to legal professionals. Assists attorneys on LGBTQ-related cases. Represents the community in appellate courts. Works with public agencies on LGBTQ-sensitive policies. Helps strengthen state and local human rights laws.



MHRA & Marriage

Family Issues

Domestic Partner Registration
Partnership Agreements
Powers of Attorney
Healthcare Directives

Transgender Issues

● Changing your name
● Changing your driver's license
● Amending your birth certificate
● Changing your social security record (see part B2)
● Getting a new passport (PDF, courtesy National Center for Transgender Equality)
● Amending gender on Immigration Documents
● Public benefits and gender reassignment
● Gender identity issues in schools ● Information about access to restrooms and similar facilities
● Information about advocating for trans-inclusive insurance coverage (courtesy Lambda Legal Defense & Education Fund)
● Minnesota Department of Corrections policy on placement and treatment of transgender inmates
Breaking New Ground: A Study of Transgender People Interacting with the Minnesota Court System (PDF)
Education Minnesota GLBT Booklet (PDF)

This information is not intended to constitute or replace legal advice. Always consult your attorney. Our Legal Program is happy to provide referrals to legal professionals. Please contact us at legal@outfront.org.


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