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Tracking Second-Parent & Joint Adoptions
In Minnesota

Same-sex couples in Minnesota have accessed with increasing frequency the process of co-parent adoptions. They take one of two forms: a "second-parent" adoption, or a "joint adoption". The first sort of adoption occurs where one partner in a family has a child of whom he/she is the biological parent (or who adopted as a "single" person), and whose partner petitions a court to permit him/her to adopt this child, becoming a second legal parent. A "joint adoption" occurs when a same-sex couple works with an adoption agency to adopt together a child with whom neither parent had a previous parental relationship.

Adoption proceedings take place only in district court, where the judge’s order granting a petition is very unlikely to be given any attention outside of that particular courtroom. This makes it difficult to track where these adoptions take place, although it is widely acknowledged that they are routinely occurring in Hennepin and Ramsey Counties. If, for instance, a couple in Big Stone County wanted to initiate such a process, there is currently no way to determine whether it’s been done there before, and if so, what attorney worked on the case. This can make attempting such an adoption a very daunting task.

In an effort to try to track these adoptions, OutFront Minnesota is asking adoptive parents and/or their attorneys to provide basic information about their experiences in order to get a clearer picture of where these adoptions are taking place. No information that would identify the parents or child is necessary! Please take a moment to provide the information requested below. Doing so may help other couples in your part of Minnesota learn about attorneys who might be able to help them with their adoptions. OutFront Minnesota thanks Rainbow Families and the Minnesota Lavender Bar Association for their assistance!

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