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Make A Gift To Be Matched By Your Employer

You may be able to double the impact of your gift to OutFront Minnesota! As a benefit to employees, many employers offer matching gift programs, in which they match employees' charitable giving. In other words, if you notify your employer of a $50 gift to OutFront Minnesota Community Services (our education and services arm), your employer may also make a $50 gift. Some employers also reward employees who volunteer for nonprofit organizations by giving money to those organizations.

If you are affiliated with a company that matches contributions to IRS-designated 501(c)(3) organizations, you may be eligible to have your gift to OutFront Minnesota Community Services matched. In order to have your gift matched:

  • Contact your Human Resources Office to find out if your company has a matching gift program and obtain any forms your company requires in order to match gifts.
  • Sign and date the completed matching gift form from your company and send it along with your gift to:

    OutFront Minnesota Community Services
    310 38th Street East, Suite 209
    Minneapolis, MN  55409-1337

We'll take care of the rest!

For more information contact at 612-822-0127 ext. 7662 or member@outfront.org.


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