photo of Ophir Gilad

Ophir Gilad joined the Educational Equity Department at OutFront as the Educational Equity Youth Coordinator in February of 2020. As the Educational Equity Youth Coordinator, her role is to work with youth and youth service providers to advocate on their behalf so they feel supported and safe. She travels around the state to ensure that educators and youth are receiving the trainings’ and support that they need.

Ophir holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and International Studies from Macalester College, with a concentration in Human Rights and Humanitarianism. She has worked with Youth doing community organizing and leadership development in various capacities, and is excited to continue to support youth in developing their skills to build power in their communities at OutFront.

In her free time, Ophir loves to make music, go on long walks, and cook as much spicy food as possible.

Fun Facts about Ophir:

  • I collect postcards!
  • I could eat Thai food every day for the rest of my life.
  • I love to cook literally anything, especially if it is spicy (unless it's a dessert in which case no spice for me.)