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Anti-Violence Program Crisis Services Coordinator

The Anti-Violence Program Crisis Services Coordinator (1.0 FTE) primarily provides and oversees direct services to community members who need advocacy support regarding intimate partner violence and general crime related victimization including (but not limited to) harassment, hate/bias related issues, sexual assault and/or other types of victimization, in collaboration with other AVP staff; works to educate the community and other service providers about these issues; and, collaborates with other OutFront Minnesota staff to coordinate necessary service provision and implement systems change while also meeting individual needs.

Accountability: This position is supervised by the Anti-Violence Program Director



1. Oversee AVP crisis services provision including advocacy, information and referrals for individual lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community victims of crime or harassment, in conjunction with other AVP staff/volunteers and the AVP Program Director

2. Assist clients with obtaining legal resources and referrals

3. Data collection regarding victimization including maintaining accurate client records and program related statistics

4. Oversee AVP staff, volunteers and interns who are providing crisis services

5. Work with the AVP Program Director and other OutFront Minnesota staff to develop and distribute informational materials as well as increase community knowledge about our services.


1. Create systems change by educating other community members, service providers and systems professions on issues relating to anti-violence work and LGBTQ victimization through trainings, seminars, community outreach, case consultations and other forums as necessary

2. Work respectfully and constructively with the AVP team as well as with other OutFront Minnesota staff

3. Work respectfully and constructively with other networks and agencies to ensure effective and sensitive services for LGBTQ crime victims

4. Perform program related administrative tasks as necessary

5. Perform any other tasks as directed by the AVP Program Director or the Executive 


1. B.A. in related field or comparable career experience with expertise in providing direct advocacy to individuals and their families. IDEAL: 3+ years of experience providing services to crime victims

2. Proficiency and familiarity with the criminal justice system and medical systems as well as experience building effective collaborative relationships. IDEAL: Experience with U-Visa processes

3. Experience working with people from diverse racial, ethnic, cultural, socioeconomic and religious backgrounds. IDEAL: Bilingual/Spanish proficiency

4. Strong written and oral skills, including professional ease with providing trainings and presentations

5. Demonstrated commitment and ability to work within the LGBTQ communities as well as be an effective advocate for those communities

To apply, email a resume and cover letter to rwaggoner@outfront.org. Deadline for applications is September 18, 2013.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer


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