Hosted by Bisexual Organizing Project - BOP and OutFront Minnesota

MN LGBTQ+ Educator Network will host our first of many Educator meet and greets on Friday, August 23rd from 4-6PM at Common Roots Cafe in the Common Meeting Room.
Come join us for networking, support, fun and frivolities!
On multiple bus lines. Small parking lot and street parking available. Wheelchair and scooter accessible. Common room is located at back of coffee shop on main floor and has a door that can close off from main shop. There are two gender neutral bathrooms on main floor.


What is MN LGBTQ+ Educator Network?

Our goal is to support and advocate for MN LGBTQ+ Educators and their allies. We provide resources, networking, community building opportunities, training, compassion, and empathy.

We understand that isolation, invisibility, and discrimination can impact our mental health and feelings of belonging. We believe that supporting LGBTQ+ Educators helps not only Educators but also our students and our school communities.

We partner with OutFront MN, Education Minnesota, and Bisexual Organizing Project (BOP).

Members of this group are expected to promote a respectful and positive culture.