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Faith Outreach Coordinator Peter Murray has presented on queer Catholic theology and sociology of LGBTQ Catholics at numerous academic conferences and symposia. His research focuses on the formation of personal theologies related to gender identity and sexual orientation. Peter has worked with several large, faith-based service providers on LGBTQ competency. He joined OutFront as an Anti-Violence Program Advocate in 2014. While at OutFront, he developed curriculum for working with clients who have experienced religious trauma, which he has used to train numerous advocates and organizers. Peter chairs the advisory board for the Youth Outdoor Leadership Program of the YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities, a program to increase equity in the wilderness adventure field. Peter represents OutFront as a partner the Multifaith Anti-Racism Change and Healing Coalition, which works with Twin Cities area faith communities to deepen their anti-racism efforts. He studied religious ethics and sociology at Middlebury College.