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spotlight Volunteer Alan MacFarlane

Three years ago Alan MacFarlane was a “bored hausfrau.” He wanted to get out and be with people. Since he lives near OutFront Minnesota’s office, he thought volunteering for our organization would be convenient.

It was our lucky day. “Alan is the type of volunteer that an organization dreams about having,” exclaims Development Associate Becky Saltzman “The dedicated hours that Alan put in weekly are not only instrumental to our work, but his presence is always a welcome addition to the office for all of the staff.” Did we mention he likes to bake and brings us treats? He also has a great sense of humor. When asked about coming out, he replied “I was gay when I popped out of the womb.”


Alan Photo Volunteer Alan MacFarlane (left) with his partner Allen Olson.

Originally from Utah, Alan lived in Montana before moving to the Twin Cities in 1996. He met his partner Allen Olson at a bar: “Some guy kept bugging me so I went over to the table where Allen was sitting, and said ‘Just pretend you know me,’ and he’s been pretending ever since!”

Recently, Alan decided that it was time to go back to work. We envy his new employer. Fortunately for us, he will still volunteer in the evening, but we have some big volunteer shoes to fill. If you are interesting in helping with data entry, mailings or other office jobs, we encourage you to become an OutFront Volunteer.

Becky extends her thanks to Alan, “I personally could not have done my work over the past year without him and am grateful for every moment he is in the office helping us out and working with other volunteers."


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