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thermometer Volunteer Elle Scott

Elle Scott has been a dedicated OutFront Minnesota volunteer for the past year. She works 10 hours each week, providing office support and assisting on special projects, like the Equality & Justice Summit. Her commitment to OutFront stems from the support she received from our Legal Department in 2009 when she was in the process of undergoing gender transition surgery.


Michelle Photo Elle Scott (right) with her wife Tanja.

Elle had thought the procedure would be covered by her wife Tanja’s health insurance through work, but they learned the coverage was not inclusive. OutFront’s Legal Director Phil Duran worked to have Tanja’s employer change the policy and was eventually successful, but it did not go into effect until several months after Elle’s surgery, for which she and Tanja personally paid. “Of course, I wish the change had happened sooner so I could have benefitted from it, but I am happy to know that if someone else comes along, they won’t be discriminated against.”

Elle decided to become a volunteer at OutFront not only because she wanted to give back, but also because she wanted to become a part of something bigger. “I like that OutFront provides programs and services for the entire LGBT community.”

“We are lucky to work with a dedicated volunteer like Elle. Her work truly impacts every part of our organization, from the development department to organizing,” says Maria De La Cruz, Development Director.


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