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Spotlight on Volunteer Laura Hoffman

Volunteer Laura Hoffman

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In February, as a volunteer Lobby Coach at OutFront Minnesota’s Youth Summit, Laura Hoffman prepared students to meet with their representatives. “It was so great to see young people, who have never been to the Capitol, talk with their legislators and realize they can make an impact.” she exclaimed.

Laura is looking forward to this experience next week at Lobby Day when she’ll again be providing her support. A strong advocate for volunteering, she says “It gives you the chance to take on responsibility and develop leadership skills. You can really make a difference.”

She began work with the Safe Schools team in December at the Equality & Justice Summit. She has seen how bullying affects students and believes they should be protected at school so they are free to learn and grow as individuals.

Laura will be graduating from the University of Minnesota soon with a degree in political science. She is considering applying to the Humphrey Institute or may try to find a job doing political organizing. Safe Schools Youth Organizer Justin Anderson says “I know Laura is going to do amazing things. She works tirelessly to create a state where all people are able to live their lives without facing any barriers on their journey to becoming the best version of themselves that they can possibly be!”

If you are interested in becoming an OutFront volunteer, click here.

Sign the Petition for Safe Schools

The Safe & Supportive Minnesota Schools Act is based on recommendations from Governor Dayton’s Task Force on the Prevention of School Bullying. If passed, the bill will provide the training and resources necessary for teachers, staff and students to help prevent bullying and provide tools for intervention. Sign the petition and let your legislators know that you believe all students deserve an environment that is safe and conducive for learning.


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