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Spotlight on Donors Lynn & Dane Youngblom


Donors Lynn & Dane Youngblom

Lynn & Dane


Lynn and Dane Youngblom remember being horrified back in the spring of 2011 when legislators voted to put an amendment on the ballot to permanently limit the freedom to marry for same-sex couples. A short time later, they saw an article in the Duluth News Tribune about a meeting for people who wanted to do something about the initiative and they knew they had to attend.

That’s how they got involved with the Minnesotans United campaign in Duluth. They did whatever they could, to defeat the amendment, including giving speeches and writing editorials. Lynn’s parents even appeared in the popular Minnesotans United “Grandparents” ad.

“Lynn and I were born and raised here in Duluth. We’ve been involved with DFL politics and I’ve supported the local Fire Fighters PAC,” explained Dane “but once we started volunteering with Minnesotans United, we made a whole new group of friends. We’ve met so many great people who have given so much – their time and their money, their energy and their enthusiasm – to support the freedom to marry. Everyone gave it their all and it was so worth it!”

And now, this week, the Youngbloms are hosting the wedding of “the Garys,” OutFront organizer Gary Anderson and his partner Gary Boelhower who they met at that very first meeting.

When Governor Dayton signed the marriage equality bill on the Capitol grounds in May, Lynn and Dane talked with Gary Anderson about having a celebration in their back yard. “What if we turn it into a wedding reception for Gary and me and make it into a fundraiser for OutFront?” he asked.

They thought it was a great idea. “I’m really looking forward to seeing our friends who we used to see every day prior to the election,” said Lynn. “They’re like family.”

If you would like to make a contribution to OutFront Minnesota in honor of Gary and Gary, click here. Please contact Development Manager Justin Kutzer if you would like to set up a personal fundraising page for your guests to make donations to OutFront Minnesota in honor of your marriage.


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