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Spotlight on Donor Marcus Waterbury

Donor Marcus Waterbury

Marcus Photo

Donor Marcus Waterbury (right) with his daughter Amy whom he adopted as a result of Avenues for Homeless Youth Home Host Program.



“One of the benefits of my job at OutFront is that I get to meet amazing people who are part of the movement for LGBT equality. Marcus Waterbury is one of those people. He is a leader in Minnesota and across the country”

- Executive Director Monica Meyer


Donor Marcus Waterbury grew up in the Twin Cities. He attended college at Mount Holyoke and remained on the East Coast for more than a decade. He moved back to Minnesota in the mid-1990s and has been supporting OutFront Minnesota ever since. For more than six years, he organized the women’s social, which hosted events for lesbians to connect them to the LGBT community and get them engaged in LGBT issues.

When Marcus came out to his parents in 1986, it took them awhile to “digest” the news. But in time, they became strong advocates for LGBT equality. In 1993, they testified at the hearings for the Minnesota Human Rights Amendment, which prohibits discrimination against LGBT people in housing, education, employment and public accommodations. (Minnesota was the first state to enact gender identity protections.)

His parents struggled when he transitioned in 2004, but again were supportive. His father was relieved that Marcus wasn’t leaving their business and his mom was happy that he wasn’t moving away. Marcus feels it is important to give trans people more space to be visible. “I want young trans people to see who I am -- a trans man with a very traditional corporate career.” He also believes education helps people understand what it means to be transgender.

Marcus appreciates the legal assistance OutFront provides trans people related to changing birth certificates, driver’s licenses, and other identification documents. He also supports OutFront because “they have a good reputation nationally as a strong statewide LGBT organization. Other national organizations look to OutFront for leadership and perspectives on LGBT issues,” he said. “An example of this is OutFront’s Lobby Day, which has played an important role in pulling the community together and helping make LGBT voices heard at the Capitol.”

Over the years, Marcus has been involved with ReClaim and Avenues for Homeless Youth Host Home program. He also served on the boards of Chrysalis and The Family Partnership. He is currently the board chair for the National Center for Transgender Equality.


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