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Spotlight on OutFront Interns Part 3


Spotlight on OutFront Interns Part 3

Interns (left to right) Deja Stowers, Nathan Eckstein and Delly Fears


This summer, OutFront worked with three third-years interns from Penumbra Theatre’s Summer Institute Program. Each intern is in the process of creating their own original performance, which will be featured in ALOUD: Festival of New Student Work.

• Delly Fears, a 15-year-old originally from Minnesota, now attends school in Georgia. She is creating a movement based piece related to the experience of a trans-identified youth and will perform it on Thursday, August 15.
• Nathan Eckstein, a senior at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin, has written an original play titled "Technically Love; an exploration of love, technology and same-sex marriage." focused on the journey of two men toward their marriage in Minnesota, now that marriage is indeed legal in our state! He will be performing on Friday, August 16.
• Deja Stowers, an educator and youth worker, will be performing a piece related to recent travels in Africa on Saturday, August 17.

All performances will be held at 7pm at Penumbra Theatre, 270 North Kent St., St. Paul.


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