Media Inquiries

OutFront Minnesota wants to be there for journalists, bloggers and other members of the media who want to know about what's happening in Minnesota's movement for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) equity. The liberation of LGBTQ people is best told BY LGBTQ people. If you have questions, we have answers.

Areas of Expertise

  • Civil and human rights and anti-discrimination
  • Supportive resources for LGBTQ Minnesotans and LGBTQ communities
  • LGBTQ families in Minnesota
  • Debunking prejudice and misconceptions about LGBTQ people
  • Local domestic partnership registries
  • The amendment to ban marriage for same-sex couples
  • Anti-LGBTQ youth bullying in schools
  • Hate and bias crimes against LGBTQ Minnesotans

OutFront Minnesota is a broad-based organization working to eliminate discrimination and promote equity for LGBTQ Minnesotans. To do this, we engage on a wide range of issues. If you're working on a story that relates to LGBTQ Minnesotans, we can provide you with the information, people and resources you need. Feel free to call or email us.


For our 501c4 work, nonpartisan political and issues-based work, or overall, general branding.

For use with our 501c3 work, community services work involving: Youth and Schools, Crisis and Anti-Violence, and Legal Assistance, issue-based community education work.

For use in political candidate endorsements and Political Action Committee work.