This year's Pride is different. We cannot gather in the ways our community has grown accustomed to in recent years. Instead, we are reconnecting to the roots of Pride. We are thinking about the moments of civil liberation throughout history and the ways in which our ancestors fought for the freedom and protections we have today.

It is important that we take this time to remember, reflect, and take action toward the changes we need to make to turn Minnesota into a state that is safe and equitable for all of our community, especially BIPOC LGBTQ+ Minnesotans.

Pride is about taking time to acknowledge and appreciate the progress we have made, both for social acceptance and for self love. 

With all of this in mind, we hope these prompts will offer a starting point for you to create a written (or typed) account of what you are thinking, feeling, experiencing, and looking forward to. This can also serve as a time capsule for you to look back and remember the world we are living in today. 

We have written prompts for each day of Pride month; however, you can absolutely make this your own! Feel free to answer the questions you like, don't answer the questions you don't like, and come up with your own!


June 1: How have you celebrated Pride in past years?

June 2: How are you planning to celebrate Pride this year?

June 3: In what ways do you identify and what questions are you still exploring about your identities?

June 4: How are you grieving the murder of George Floyd, Tony McDade, and so many other black people, including many black trans women?

June 5: How are you protesting injustices this month?

June 6: Freewrite: Please write about what is in your heart and mind today.

June 7: How have you shown up in the past as an ally to people in other marginalized communities? What are other ways you plan to show up for marginalized communities?

June 8: What are you doing to keep your mind and body healthy in this time?

June 9: How do you see the fight for LGBTQ+ equity and racial justice intersecting or woven together? 

June 10: What is your "coming out" story? OR Write about a time when you learned something important about yourself.

June 11: Who is an LGBTQ+ person in history that you look up to and why?

June 12: What is a current issue the LGBTQ+ community is fighting for that you are passionate about?

June 13: What is one way you have showed support for the LGBTQ+ community?

June 14: How do the identities you hold impact they way you experience the world?

June 15: How are you staying connected to your support networks?

June 16: What does Pride mean to you? Why do you think LGBTQ+ people need/deserve/want Pride?

June 17: What was your favorite Pride event or activity that you've been a part of?

June 18: Write about a time that someone in your life did not accept/understand your identity. How did that impact you?

June 19: What are some assumptions/stereotypes people have about your identity that are not accurate for you? How does that impact you?

June 20: Write about someone in your childhood who made you feel seen and how it impacted you.

June 21: If you could go back and tell your childhood self something, what would it be and why?

June 22: How have you felt supported and/or not supported by parents or caregivers in your life?

June 23: In what ways did your teachers support you in school and/or what advice would you give them about how they could have done a better job?

June 24: If you could do anything to celebrate Pride this year, what would it be and why?

June 25: Who was your first crush (emotional, physical, and/or sexual) and why?

June 26: What kinds of activities make you feel the most connected to yourself and/or to others?

June 27: What is something you have changed about your life during this month that you want to keep in your life moving forward?

June 28: Who is a living LGBTQ+ human who inspires you and why?

June 29: How has your life and self expression changed as you have come to understand/accept your identities in new ways?

June 30: What did you do to celebrate Pride this year?