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"Help! I’m being bullied!" If you are currently in immediate danger or experiencing a medical emergency contact 911. If you need crisis support, call 800-872-5437 for the Youth Support Hotline or visit the web site: http://www.youthline.us/


School Boards and Superintendents

A school district board can encourage or inhibit the development of a safe and positive environment for all people within its boundaries through its policies.

Actions for school boards and superintendents:

● Determine a school district policy. Support diversity (including sexual orientation and gender) in an inclusive and safe school environment. Examine employment/hiring policy and practices: reflect acceptance of GLBT staff to serve as role models and resource people for GLBT youth.
● Know the laws and policies. In formulation of policies consider state and national laws such as the Minnesota Human Rights Act and the guidelines for school district boards released from the Office of Civil Rights for the U.S. Department of Education on Title IX. This recently has been interpreted to include GLBT students.
● Be clear and direct. Include strong and clear disciplinary action for those who victimize GLBT students and staff and families.
● Provide training. Train all staff to become advocates for all students including gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students.
● Actively support GLBT staff. Support faculty members who advocate in the school and community for respect of all students, staff, and families.
● Examine curriculum. Implement curricula which specifically acknowledges GLBT accomplishments in all subject areas.
● Include comprehensive sexuality education with accurate information about the broad range of human sexuality and sexual health for all students.
● Encourage outreach. Encourage Community Education to offer classes on GLBT issues within your district. Provide opportunities for discussion of the issues regarding sexual orientation with parents and community leaders and demonstrate to students and to the community how to have differences of opinion on a subject with respect and integrity.
● Help educate the city, regional and state policymakers. Advocate for other school districts to develop inclusive and supportive environments for GLBT youth, staff and their families.

Source: Alone No More, Minnesota Department of Education