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"Help! I’m being bullied!" If you are currently in immediate danger or experiencing a medical emergency contact 911. If you need crisis support, call 800-872-5437 for the Youth Support Hotline or visit the web site: http://www.youthline.us/



Your Child Has the Right to a Safe Learning Environment

Often times, bullying and harassment are portrayed as a normal part of growing up and the longstanding effects are overlooked. The reality is that bullying isn’t normal. Bullying is a serious problem in Minnesota public schools—it’s been directly linked to feelings of isolation, loss of self-esteem, depression and more.

Your child doesn’t have to be a statistic. There are steps that parents and community members can take to create a healthy learning environment and foster an atmosphere where all children can achieve their full potential.

How Can I Support My Child?

● Watch for signs that your child is being bullied, including unexplained injuries, torn clothing, and changes in their mood.
● Have a talk with your child about what bullying is. Emphasize that bullying is not their fault and that you’re always available to help. Remind your child that bullying can occur online as well as in-person.
● If you suspect your child is being bullied or discover that your child is being bullied, contact the school immediately. Ask for help with an emphasis on ending the bullying rather than severely punishing the bullies.
● Even if you don’t believe your child is being bullied right now, have a conversation with your school’s administrators about implementing comprehensive anti-bullying policies. Your child is at greater risk especially if they are perceived as LGBTQ or if your child has a learning disability.
● Talk to your legislators and tell them that you support a strong statewide anti-bullying bill.

Helpful links and Resources for Parents

There are many helpful tools and resources on this topic at stopbullying.gov and glsen.org. Resources are located below.

GLBT Kids Abuse Intervention Program at Family Partnership
The Trevor Project: Get Help
What Parents Can Do About Bullying
Ten Actions ALL Parents Can Take to Help Eliminate Bullying
National Crime Prevention Council: What Parents Can Do
Electronic Aggression (Cyberbullying)
Bullying Among Children and Youth on Perceptions and Differences in Sexual Orientation (PDF)
Common Myths About Bullying (PDF)
10 Steps to Notifying School Administrators (PDF)
Steps To Take if Your Child is Being Bullied (PDF)
Talk to Your Child About Bullying (PDF)
Bullying and Harassment of Students With Disabilities (PDF)
Recursos en Español (Spanish Translated Materials)
Af Soomaali (Somali Translated Materials)
Free downloadable books! Member organization Rainbow Rumpus provides free, downloadable books that contain information about how to talk with elementary and preschool children about LGBTQ-headed families as well as teaching activities related to each story. These are a great resource to build understanding and prevent bullying, and they are designed so children can create their own illustrations. Click here to download these free books!

For more information, visit our Resources page.