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"Help! I’m being bullied!" If you are currently in immediate danger or experiencing a medical emergency contact 911. If you need crisis support, call 800-872-5437 for the Youth Support Hotline or visit the web site: http://www.youthline.us/


Safe Schools Youth

Change begins with You(th)!

OutFront Minnesota and the Safe Schools for All Coalition understands that bullying is a big problem regardless of whether it is based on actual or perceived LGBTQ identity, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, ability, socioeconomic status or other factors. Bullying and harassment make it difficult to concentrate in class, engage with others, study, and just enjoy being a student. School environments should be safe and welcoming for ALL students. There are many different things you can do today to create the change you wish to see at your school and across Minnesota!

What Can Students Do To Help?

● Consider sharing your personal story. Speak out today by clicking HERE.
● Join your school’s Gay-Straight Alliance or other student-led group that’s working to make your school more inclusive and welcoming for everyone.
● Start a GSA if your school doesn’t have one! Contact Safe Schools & Youth Organizer Katrina Plotz at kplotz@outfront.org. for help. Also check out: Equal Access Act and Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) organizations
● If you see or hear about bullying or harassment, report it.
● Don’t assume anything—be inclusive in your language. Not all families or students are straight, having one mother and one father, or even two parents. (Rather than asking someone about their “mom and dad,” ask them about their “parents.”)
● Ensure that classroom guidelines about name-calling are established and that bullying is addressed as soon as it happens, using it as an opportunity to educate students (and hold accountable those who do not).
● Check your library for—and utilize—resources that are inclusive of ALL students (resources that include families, stories, characters, issues, and statistics that mention LGBTQ people, people of color, persons with disabilities, etc.).
● Support school diversity days and ensure ALL communities are represented.

Helpful links and Resources for Students

There are many helpful tools and resources on this topic at stopbullying.gov and glsen.org. Resources are located below.

GLBT Kids Abuse Intervention Program at Family Partnership
Equal Access Act and Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) organizations
Bystanders…becoming UPstanders
Drama: Is it happening to you?
How to start a Gay-Straight Alliance
STOMP out Bullying Tool Kit
You(th) can create change
You(th) can speak out
Youth Speaking OUT
Minneapolis Public Schools - Out4Good Program
St. Paul Public Schools - Out For Equity Program
ACLU LGBT Youth in Schools
Students Creating Change
Jeremiah's Hope for Kindness
PACER's Student Bullying Toolkit
The Trevor Project’s Digital Services and Lifeline

For more information, visit our Resources page.