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OutFront Minnesota 2014 Youth Summit & Rally

Rally at the Rotunda

More than 400 high school students participated in the Second Annual Youth Summit and close to 1,000 people joined us for the student-led Safe Schools Rally in the Rotunda.

Organizing in Action

Almost 1,000 Minnesotans gathered in the Capitol Rotunda to show their support for the Safe and Supportive Schools Act. After a performance by the Lioness, youth and adult speakers shared their past experiences with bullying and explained the need for new, stronger anti-bullying legislation to support all Minnesota students. The bill's co-authors, Senator Scott Dibble and Representative Jim Davnie, delivered a keynote address, reminding the students that the capitol was theirs and that they could create positive change.

After the rally, attendees visited their legislators to talk about the urgent the need for anti-bulllying legislation.

Now that Safe Schools has passed, we can see that these visits, along with the many other efforts by the Minnesota Safe Schools for All Coalition, have paid off. Minnesota students, teachers, school administrators, and parents will enjoy increased support and new resources that will give them a safe environment in which to learn. We want to thank everyone who supported safe schools and helped make it law!

Check out our photo album from the day!

Also, watch a video capturing the rally:

Thanks to Line Break Media for creating this video.

Youth Leaders Shine


Before the rally, over 400 students from across Minnesota gathered at the Safe Schools Youth Summit at Metropolitan State University. Youth led both a large group session, featuring words by the Safe Schools bill authors, and a variety of workshops that offered training and lessons on how to make their educational environment safer, how to deal with difficult situations, and how to become more involved in government.

Students ended the morning ready to be part of the solution to bullying and excited to talk to their senators and representatives about making schools safe for them.

The Minnesota Safe Schools for All Coalition is a group of more than 140 education, disability, youth, religious, parent, LGBT and social service organizations that support passage of comprehensive antibullying legislation to protect all students. OutFront Minnesota is the lead organization working with the coalition.

If you are interested in attending next year's Youth Summit or have a group that would like to attend, send an email to our youth organizer, Katrina Plotz.

For more information about the Safe Schools bill, click here.

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