photo of Skye Vang

Skye Vang interned at OutFront Minnesota in 2013 and has found their way back to OutFront in the summer of 2019 as the Trans Organizing Coordinator. Skye has an Associate of Arts degree from Century College, where they became politicized around the Marriage Amendment and pushed to get a LGBTQ center at Century College - the first LGBTQ center at a two year college in Minnesota. Skye has previously worked at Shades of Yellow as an Artist Organizer and Cycles for Change as a Program Coordinator and Program Director, the majority of their past work has surrounded accessibility, community, and inclusivity.

Through their Hmong culture and community, Skye is connecting with the practice of storytelling and the power of sharing their story. They believe it is important to share their story as a queer and trans, second generation Hmong person and shifting the dominant narrative in their community about people like themself. From this belief, Skye has participated on panels and facilitated workshops about the intersections of being queer, trans, and a person of color throughout the state of Minnesota and nation wide.

Skye is committed to health and wellness being at the center of their work and personal life. They want to see community thrive, not just survive. They are passionate about art and the healing that comes from creating. They like finding new ways to feel connected to and comfortable in their body and enjoy biking, lifting at their favorite gym Solcana, and bouldering. If you’re ever interested in moving your body and sweating or kicking back and painting, reach out to them!

Fun Facts about Skye: 

  • Superpower I wish I had: Teleportation 
  • What I wanted to grow up to be as a kid: An astronaut
  • Best joke: What do you call a camel with three humps? PREGNANT!