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St. Paul Public Schools Gender Inclusion Policy

On Tuesday, January 13, 2015, members of the Saint Paul School Board voted to take up a proposed Gender Inclusion Policy at their Board Meeting on January 20. You can read more about the policy here:


The School Board has taken the unusual but wise step of developing procedures at the same time that they move the policy through the process so that they can answer questions about data privacy, parental involvement, and facilities accommodations before putting the policy in place.

OutFront Minnesota supports the full inclusion for trans students in all aspects of their education and development. We support the intentions of the St. Paul School Board and think their proposed policy is a good initial step forward. We look forward to seeing the district develop these concepts further.

We encourage you to email them (as our opponents will) and let them know you support a gender inclusive policy: sb.members@spps.org

The St. Paul School Board's process requires them to take public input over three months (at the January, February, and March meetings) before they can bring the policy to a vote. There will be 30 minutes to an hour of comment at each meeting, speakers will be given 2 to 3 minutes each, students will be given priority over adults, and anyone who has not spoken in the last three months will be given priority over someone who has.