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Anti-Violence Program

OutFront Minnesota's Anti-Violence Program (AVP) is a broad-based effort to end violence and harassment against and within LGBTQA-identified communities in Minnesota. We work to build safety and power of survivors and community members as well as work to create opportunities for support and healing through the provision of crisis intervention, advocacy, counseling, community education and outreach. To attain equity for LGBTQ people, we approach our work through an intersectional lens that honors survivors’ many layered identities. We believe that everyone has the right to be safe from harm regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.

We work to create social change at every level -- from the individual to the community to the state. In the AVP, we believe that social changes occurs when we:

  • Work to prevent violence from occurring against our community members through education and increased visibility
  • Help survivors find their own paths to healing and empowerment through safe and effective support services
  • Work with other organizations to create a strong network of well trained and support service providers throughout Minnesota

We have a holistic understanding of violence in the AVP and define violence in a broad way. We believe that the spectrum of violence includes everything from everyday microagressions to physical and emotional violence. Each act of violence, in and of itself, should be acknowledged, named and addressed in ways that are relevant and important to the people we work with. We work with anyone who has experienced any sort of trauma, violence and/or discrimination based on their sexual orientation and/or gender identity/expression-whether actual or perceived.

We offer support and advocacy services to LGBTQA-identified survivors of domestic violence/intimate partner violence, sexual violence, and hate/bias violence. We know that the healing journey begins when people feel listened to, supported and believed. We also believe that victim/survivors themselves belong at the center of their healing process and that, as advocates, our role is to support them in whatever shape that takes.

Our current services include a crisis line, individual counseling, court accompaniment and other forms of advocacy support, community based support groups, and community education/outreach.

All of our services are free and confidential. If you would like to make a donation to support our work, click here.

Report It!

At OutFront Minnesota's Anti-Violence Program, we want to hear from you. In order for the Anti-Violence Program to create a clear picture of hate or bias related victimization in Minnesota, we need reports of your experiences as LGBTQ or allied community members. Report it »


AVP Pop Ups!

The Anti-Violence Program at OutFront Minnesota will be hosting pop-up hours throughout the month of June!


What is the Anti-Violence program? We are a group of LGBTQ advocates who work with folks in the queer and trans communities to prevent and respond to violence in and against our communities.*


Advocates will be available to talk about resources and provide referrals to other amazing and LGBTQ-positive service providers. Advocates will also be available to talk with individuals about personal concerns in a safe and supportive space. We are also happy to help you schedule an appointment for our peer counseling services or other support if you want to connect with us at a later date.


In addition, we are available to chat about training and volunteer opportunities with our program! Are you part of an organization that would benefit from LGBTQ-inclusion training? Talk with one of our advocates about setting up a training. They’re fun, informative, and who doesn’t love talking about their identities!


Would you like to volunteer with the anti-violence program? We would love to have you be part of our next class of advocates working towards safety and healing for our queer communities. Our next advocate training is in July.


*We understand violence broadly. Violence can include abuse (both physical and non-physical) from family members and partners, hate and bias crimes, discrimination (at work, in healthcare, housing, court, etc.), and systems violence (police brutality, incarceration, improper mental health care), religious trauma, and bullying.


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For More Information Contact

Eva Wood
Anti-Violence Program Coordinator