Celebrating Stonewall Badge

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, we honored 50 LGBTQ icons over Pride month.

Pride is a time for us to come together to celebrate and honor the hard won fights over the past 50 years. It is a time for us to reflect on our heroes and those who inspire us: from Marsha P. to Harvey Milk, from Bell Hooks to Bayard Rustin, and from José Sarria to Brian Coyle. It is a time for us to have fun and recommit to the next 50 years of fighting for LGBTQ equity. From resisting Trump's anti-trans policies to working tirelessly to ban conversion "therapy," the LGBTQ movement is still going strong.

50 years ago, the Stonewall Inn was raided by police and LGBTQ bar patrons had had enough. They fought back against oppression. To be clear, people across the country were resisting oppressive, homophobic and transphobic laws prior to the Stonewall Riots, but the Riots marked a national awakening of the LGBTQ Liberation Movement. That is why — on the 50th anniversary — we wanted to honor 50 people from before during and after Stonewall who fought for our liberation.

Our movement for equality has come a long way since that fateful day in 1969. With your help, we have:

  • Made marriage equality the law of the land.
  • Passed federal hate crimes legislation
  • Elected LGBTQ people to office across the nation.
  • In Minnesota, we passed the country's first nondiscrimination law that included protections for transgender Minnesotans in 1993.
  • In Minnesota, we defeated an anti-marriage ballot initiative in 2012.
  • In Minnesota, we passed one of the most comprehensive anti-bullying bills in the country in 2014.

Our history is rich with stories of resistance and resilience as well as stories of hope and celebration. We wanted to take this anniversary to highlight some of that. Look through the gallery below to see and visit us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see the original posts and learn more about each icon.

Celebrating Stonewall's 50th Anniversary

Photo of Marsha P. Johnson
Photo of Harvey Milk
Photo of Bayard Rustin
Photo of Sylvia Rivera
Photo of Miss Major
Photo of Alan Turing
Photo of Audre Lorde
Photo of José Sarria
Photo of James Baldwin
Photo of Rep. Karen Clark
Photo of Janet Mock
Photo of Alice Walker
Photo of Oscar Wilde
Photo of Staceyann Chin
Photo of Roxane Gay
Photo of Christine Jorgensen
Photo of Cleve Jones
Photo of Edith Windsor
Photo of Gavin Grimm
Photo of Simon Nkoli
Photo of Barbara Satin
Photo of Barbara Gittings
Photo of Gilbert Baker
Photo of Laverne Cox
Photo of Phill Wilson
Photo of Paul Kawata
Photo of Leslie Feinberg
Photo of Brian Coyle
Photo of Angela Davis
Photo of Cece McDonald
Photo of Christopher Isherwood
Photo of Alicia Garza
Photo of Sen. Alan Spear
Photo of Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon
Photo of Bell Hooks
Photo of Kylar Broadus
Photo of Frank Kameny
Photo of Ruth Simpson
Gene Robinson
Photo of Barbara Smith
Photo of Elle Hearns
Photo of Dr. John Fryer, aka., Dr. Anonymous
Photo of Jazz Jennings
Photo of Keith Haring
Photo of Tim Miller
Photo of Rep. Susan Allen
Photo of Rita Mae Brown
Photo of Joe Cino
Photo of Zoe Leonard
Photo of Stormé DeLarverie