Educational Equity means finding what every student needs to be successful—academically, socio-emotionally, and everything-in-between—and getting it for them. The process is complex, dynamic, and on-going: owning flaws and biases, engaging in courageous conversations to challenge prejudice and discrimination, creating environments where students feel safe to share what they need, and breaking down any systems that are creating barriers. Students who feel valued, seen, and celebrated are the ones who will find success. 

We provide support, teach concrete intersectional equity strategies, facilitate self-reflection, and assist with policy changes.

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KQ Quinn

School Equity Coordinator

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A platform by and for LGBTQ+ youth in Minnesota, led by OutFront Minnesota’s Youth Council and Researchers.

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Gender Sexuality Alliances (GSAs) and Sexuality and Gender Alliances (SAGAs) are school support groups that provide resources, safe spaces, and community building for LGBTQ+ students and their allies.

GSAs/SAGAs are an evidence-based strategy to improve school climate for all students.

MN Educator and GSA Advisor Network

This Facebook group is for Educators and GSA Advisors and OutFront MN’s Education and Equity Department to connect, share resources, provide support and make each other's lives easier! Our goal is to support and advocate for MN LGBTQ+ educators and their allies.

We also believe in the power of GSA advisors and the important role they play in supporting LGBTQ+ students. We provide resources, networking, community building opportunities, training, compassion, and empathy. We understand that isolation, invisibility, and discrimination can impact our mental health and feelings of belonging. We believe that supporting LGBTQ+ educators helps not just educators, but also our students and our school communities.

LGBTQ+ Youth and Educator Resource Guide

If you have questions and/or need additional resources connected to the following topics, please check out our LGBTQ+ Youth and Educator Resource Guide!

  • Orientation & Identity
  • Coming Out
  • Sexual Health
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Crisis & Anti-Violence
  • LGBTQ+ Intersectionality
  • Being an Ally/Advocate
  • Finding Community
  • LGBTQ+ Inclusive Education


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Youth Summit helped me feel more like I can be me and reveal my identity.

Student attendee

I just love the vibe for the kids that it’s okay to be exactly who they are, and be surrounded by like minded people. They certainly don’t get that feeling at school.

Adult attendee
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I feel so good when I'm around queer and trans kids. Their energy is amazing! It's great to be in a safe space that supports us all. The location was good and I'm glad the weather cooperated enough. I love how you really center trans and BIPOC folks in all sessions and parts of the event. This was such a great event and I want more!

Adult attendee

Educational Equity Project 2022

Hello Readers!

We are a team of Minnesota youth who have been working through OutFront to get a better grasp on what education in Minnesota schools looks like. For the past several months, we have conducted a research project regarding educational equity with an emphasis on LGBTQ+ students. Educational equity is the practice of ensuring each student has access to the resources, support and opportunities they need to be successful academically, socially, and emotionally. LGBTQ+ students often experience a unique set of challenges when it comes to education, whether it be the language used, support offered, access to facilities or the overall environment. We thank you for taking the time to look through our project, and encourage you to consider where you see these inequities taking place in your own life.

Throughout our project, we:

  • Designed surveys, collected responses, and analyzed data on experiences of LGBTQ+ and allied students  in three Minnesota school districts.
  • Created a full zine summarizing the educational equity research project while amplifying student stories.

Check out our Zine below:

Youth OutFront Educational Equity by OutFront Minnesota

Gender Inclusion Project 2021

Check out the amazing work that OutFront Minnesota's Youth Researchers completed this year at! Over the past year, this team:

  • Designed surveys, collected responses, and analyzed data on experiences of transgender, gender non-conforming, and nonbinary students in four Minnesota school districts.
  • Created a full zine summarizing the gender inclusion research project while amplifying student stories.
  • Published "Gender School: Smash the Cis-tem," a podcast exploring gender inclusivity in Minnesota schools and empowering other students, educators, and school communities to support gender inclusion policies in their own districts.
  • Curated resources and a downloadable action tool kit for students and educators to find support and work towards gender inclusivity in their own districts.

We are so proud of our youth researcher team and the work they are doing to build more gender-inclusive schools! View their work at