2023: Celebrating a Year of Wins!





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Conversion Therapy Ban HF16/SF23

Prohibits the practice of conversion "therapy" by licensed practitioners

Representative Athena Hollins

Senator Scott Dibble

Passed House 2/20/23

Passed Senate 4/21/23

Signed into law by Governor Walz 4/27/23

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Trans Refuge HF146/SF63

Ensures safe access to gender-affirming care

Representative Leigh Finke

Senator Erin Maye Quade

Passed House 3/24/23

Passed Senate 4/21/23

Signed into law by Governor Walz 4/27/23

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Commerce Omnibus HF2680/SF2744

Includes PEP/PrEP access covered under preventive items and services

Representative Zack Stephenson

Senators Matt Klein & Nick Frentz

Passed Senate 4/14/23

Passed House 4/27/23


Judiciary Finance & Civil Law Omnibus HF447/SF200

Significant updates to the Minnesota Human Rights Act

Representatives Brion Curran & Jamie Becker-Finn

Senator Ron Latz

Passed House & Senate 5/22/23

Take Pride Act Overview

Judiciary & Public Safety Omnibus HF2890/SF2909

Includes gender identity/expression and sexual orientation as categories for biased crimes/assault and the repeal of the outdated anti-sodomy statute

Representatives Kelly Moller, Brion Curran, & Jamie Becker-Finn

Senator Ron Latz

Passed House 5/15/23

Passed Senate 5/17/23

Anti-Sodomy Repealer overview

Education Finance Omnibus HF2497/SF2684

Includes K-12 menstrual equity and gender-inclusive restroom grants

Representatives Cheryl Youakim, Laurie Pryor, Mary Frances Clardy, & Josiah Hill

Senators Mary Kunesh & Steve Cwodzinski

Passed House 5/17/23

Passed Senate 5/16/23


Human Services Finance Omnibus HF2847/SF2934

Significant increase in HIV/AIDS support services funding

Representatives Mohamud Noor, Peter Fischer, & Ethan Cha

Senators John Hoffman & Jim Abeler



Economic Development Finance Omnibus HF3028/SF3035

New LGBTQ+ small business grants

Representatives Hodan Hassan & Jay Xiong

Senators Bobby Joe Champion & Zaynab Mohamed


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Legacy Finance and Policy Bill HF1999/SF1682

Includes LGBTQ youth program grants for the Department of Natural Resources

Representative Leon Lillie

Senators Foung Hawj & Jennifer McEwen



Finance Bill HF1830/SF1426

Includes establishment of a Council on LGBTQIA Minnesotans

Representatives Ginny Klevorn & Samakab Hussein

Senator Erin Murphy


Council on LGBTQIA2S+ Minnesotans

Council Overview

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Storytelling For Change

We know when people share their own stories it has the power to change hearts and minds. Stories connect us in meaningful ways, make us feel less alone in the world, and build a greater understanding of others. This is especially true for Minnesota’s LGBTQ+ community. 

Telling our stories in a society that silences queer voices is an act of survival and defiance. Our stories are powerful tools that help us create systemic change in the world.

In 2013, Minnesota was the first state to pass marriage equality by way of ballot – a feat that only happened through powerful storytelling. Our fight for queer equity is not over and our need for queer stories is still necessary. 

Your stories are powerful tools in helping all of Minnesota become a state where queer people are free to be who they are, love who they love, and live without fear of violence, harassment, or discrimination.

Stories For Action

We launched Storytelling for Change with four LGBTQ+ Minnesotans working to change hearts and minds. 

OutFront is honored to have Dylan Kaercher, Nikki Graf, John, and Rev. Jia Starr Brown share their stories of faith, policy change, advocacy, and joy. 


Nikki: Fighting for Family



Nikki Graf has been fighting to pass Logan's Law, which would remove barriers for same-sex couples when starting a family in Minnesota.  


John: Reframing Disability and the Queer Community


John is one of the nearly 600,000 Minnesotans living with a disability. He is one of the estimated 210,000 LGBTQ+ people in the state. The intersection of those two identities make John one of the estimated 3 to 5 million LGBTQ+ people living with a disability in the U.S.


Roxi Manacoochi: A Star on the Stage and in the Pew


Whether at the fair or in the pew, Dylan Kearcher’s presence is one you won’t miss. You might catch his infectious laugh from across the room or connect with the sheer confidence that oozes out of him. If you’re lucky, you’ll witness Dylan doing what makes him feel most alive — performing as Roxi Manacoochi. 

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