October 15, 2023
Sunday, October 15

Join OutFront Minnesota, Dignity Twin Cities, and St. Joan Catholic Community for a free screening of "Wonderfully Made: LGBTQ+R(eligion) with film producers Yuval David and Mark McDermott.

Wonderfully Made - LGBTQ+R(eligion) is a feature-length documentary striking at the root of anti-LGBTQ attitudes by exploring the challenges and aspirations of LGBTQ+ Catholics. The film focuses on the Catholic Church because it is one of the largest religious organizations and its anti-LGBTQ+ stance is known and growing more hardline. It features interviews with leading advocates rarely seen together, including clergy, organizational leaders and activists. The narrative of the film is shaped by the process of a fine art project creating unprecedented, photographic iconography depicting Jesus as a member/ally of the LGBTQ+ community, represented by multiple LGBTQ+ models.