September 21, 2020
Monday, September 21, 2020, 4PM

Join us for the second in a 3-part workshop series! The topic for our workshop on September 21st is Starting/Maintaining Your GSA Online.

September 29, 2020
Tuesday, September 29th, 2020, 4PM

Join us for the last in a 3-part workshop series! The topic for our workshop on September 29th is How to Best Support Queer Youth as an Adult Ally & Mentor.

Recurring Meetings and Events

Drag Shows by Flip Phone — Every Weekend at Union. Get tickets!

OutFront Volunteer Night — 3rd Monday of each month form 6pm - 8pm. Volunteers can drop in once or come regularly. Sign-up or contact for more information. These will be held virtually on Zoom. You will be given the Zoom link once you confirm your participation.

Trans Titans Meetings — 1st and 3rd Monday of the month. Through this group, Trans folks in Minnesota come together to do work on intentional issues that the trans community faces in MN and provide Trans inclusive and centered trainings to different businesses and organizations. Contact if you are interested in learning more and volunteering with the Trans Titans. Interested in developing leadership skills, shaping the work being done for the trans community, and joining the Trans Titans steering committee? Apply here!

Trans Titans Book Club — Biweekly on Sundays from 3 to 4pm. During COVID-19, the Trans Titans are hosting a book club! The book club will be a virtual space, using Zoom, where we will read queer and trans literature and discuss the readings together. Contact if you are interested in signing up or if you have any questions.

Queer Defender Network Leadership Council — If you are a current college or university (or any form of higher education) student and interested in fighting for LGBTQ equity and getting leadership development, join the Queer Defenders' Leadership Council! A coalition of college/university students focused on becoming the leaders of tomorrow. If interested email Junior Avalos at

Virtual Town Halls with OutFront Minnesota — A panel of experts and community members will discuss and answer your questions about issues currently affecting LGBTQ+ Minnesotans. These will be held virtually on Zoom. Check out our topics here!