In October 2018, Driver & Vehicle Services rolled out a new online driver’s license application process which will allow people to begin getting their license electronically, and save some time at their DVS facility. 

While much of the new system is similar to the old, there is at least one important change:  the new system confirms an individual’s name and birthdate with Social Security, and will reject changes that don’t show up in that system.  Accordingly, people changing the name on their driver’s license should make that change with Social Security first, and allow 24-48 hours for that system to be updated, before getting their license changes. 

Also as part of this update, DVS made two changes of particular relevance to transgender and gender-nonconforming Minnesotans.  First, DVS has now eliminated the need to provide documentation, for example, a doctor’s letter, in order to change from one gender designation to another; one’s “sex” is now considered a self-designated descriptor.  Second, DVS now allows an individual to select a nonbinary option for their gender; the license card itself will read “X”. 

DVS continues to require a certified copy of a name-change court order to correct one’s name on a driver’s license or similar document.  Note that even if the court waived filing fees, this does not affect DVS’ administrative charges.


This information is intended to be general and educational, and not intended to be legal advice.