2018-2019 Minnesota Teacher of the Year and LGBTQ Advocate Kelly Holstine shares her experience with claiming her voice as an educator and human who stands for (and supports people in) equity work.



Amy Hallberg talks with Kelly D. Holstine, a former colleague who, long before she became Minnesota Teacher of the Year, had a huge impact on helping Amy claim the role of advocate for LGBTQ youth. Kelly shares the difference between Allies and Advocates, her experience as a Lesbian educator who chose to stay out of the closet, how winning Teacher of the Year helped her dig deeper, and why equity work matters for ALL of us.

This podcast is especially for all of us non- (or lesser-) marginalized folks who want to know how we can step up in support of fellow humans, at a time when we really need more human connection.

Kelly D. Holstine (she/her) is the Director of Educational Equity at OutFront Minnesota (one of the largest LGBTQ+ state equity groups in the nation) and is the 2018/19 MN State Teacher of the Year. She is the first out LGBTQ+ teacher and the second alternative educator in MN to be given that honor. She helped to design and open Tokata Learning Center in 2012 and has twelve years of teaching experience.

- Kelly Holstine and Amy Hallberg

Source: https://podcast.courageouswordsmith.com/episodes/25-kelly-holstine