Facebook may be a cesspool of Russian bots and racist grandmothers, but every once in awhile, it’s still good for making memes.

A gay club in Minnesota drew the ire of Trump supporters after it began flying a big ole “Trump baby” balloon in protest of the President’s visit to Minneapolis earlier this month.

Conservatives expressed their disgust with the club, Saloon, by declaring all over social media that they would be boycotting the establishment. And apparently a fair number of them didn’t exactly understand what it was they were boycotting.

One specific Facebook comment, from elderly Minnesota resident Pamela Ogletree, declared “The Saloon lost my business.”

“It’s a gay bar Pamela,” one user promptly replied, and thus a new meme was born.

Despite the whole thing being a fairly localized affair, the phrase is catching on.

A meme of Pamela's Facebook profile picture copied onto a picture from the movie "Mean Girls", reading "On October 8th, he asked me what day it was. It's the day the Saloon will never get my business again."

And even more important to making a meme last — there’s already merch.

No one ever knows how far a meme can go, but we're happy to appreciate this one while it lasts. And we bet the folks patronizing the Saloon are happily keeping an eye out for Pamela every night.

- Rachel Kiley

Source: https://www.pride.com/comedy/2019/10/23/its-gay-bar-pamela-best-new-meme