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Precinct Caucuses & OutFront's Endorsed Candidates

OutFront Minnesota Action is a political action committee of community members from across our state who recognize the tremendous opportunity the November elections give us to make sure our elected officials believe in a Minnesota where all of us have the freedom, power, and confidence to make the choices that are right for our own lives. Building relationships with and electing strong, pro-equality leaders is one of the ways that we can build a stronger movement. Support our endorsed candidates at your local precinct caucus. You can also download our 2016 resolutions here.

MN House Endorsements

Jennifer Schultz (07A)
Jay McNamar (12A)
Zach Dorholt (14B)
Clark Johnson (19A)
Jack Considine (19B)
David Bly (20B)
Jerry Newton (37A)
Barb Yarusso (42A)
Leon Lillie (43B)
Jon Applebaum (44B)
Lyndon Carlson (45A)
Mike Freiberg (45B)
Peggy Flanagan (46A)
Cheryl Youakim (46B)
Yvonne Selcer (48A)
Rick Hansen (52A)
JoAnn Ward (53A)
Lindsey Port (56B)
Erin May Quade (57A)
Raymond Dehn (59B)
Diane Loeffler (60A)
Frank Hornstein (61A)
Karen Clark (62A)
Susan Allen (62B)
Jim Davnie (63A)
Dave Pinto (64B)
Rena Moran (65A)
John Lesch (66B)
Sheldon Johnson (67B)

MN Senate Endorsements

Erik Simonson (SD07)
Dan Wolgamott (SD14)
Kevin Dahle (SD20)
John Hoffman (SD36)
Alice Johnson (SD37)
Terri Bonoff (SD44)
Ron Latz (SD46)
Melissa Franzen (SD49)
Melissa Halvorsen Wicklund (SD50)
Jim Carlson (SD51)
Maureen Ramirez (SD52)
Susan Kent (SD53)
Scott Dibble (SD61)
Patricia Torres Ray (SD63)
Dick Cohen (SD64)
Sandy Pappas (SD65)
John Marty (SD66)
Foung Hawj (SD67)


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