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OutFront Solidarity Statement With Standing Rock




OutFront Solidarity Statement With Standing Rock


OutFront Minnesota joins fellow Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) social justice organizations in solidarity with the Indigenous water protectors on the frontlines at Standing Rock in North Dakota against the Dakota Access Pipeline.  As members of a community that is often marginalized we recognize that our struggle towards queer liberation is innately tied to the liberation of sovereign Indigenous nations and to achieve either we must stand together, United.


“Every Native at Standing Rock — every Native on this continent — has survived the genocide of a hundred million of our people. That means that every Indigenous child born is a victory against colonialism, but we are all born into a fight for our very existence. We need that to be named and centered, which is a courtesy we are rarely afforded.


“This message is not a condemnation. It’s an ask.


“We are asking that you help ensure that dialogue around this issue begins with and centers a discussion of anti-Native violence and policies, no matter what other connections you might ultimately make, because those discussions simply don’t happen in this country. There obviously aren’t enough people talking about climate change, but there are even fewer people — and let’s be real, far fewer people — discussing the various forms of violence we are up against, and acting in solidarity with us. And while such discussions have always been deserved, we are living in a moment when Native Water Protectors and Water Warriors have more than earned both acknowledgement and solidarity.”


— Kelly Hayes,



Since April, several encampments have been established as places for the Indigenous community and allies to come together to pray, to be in community for a common cause and to support one another in the movement for human rights and Native sovereignty. Militarized actions against water protectors have continued to escalate to the point where the Governor of North Dakota called in additional resources from across the nation.  We are in a movement moment -- It is more important now, more than ever that we join in solidarity. 


OutFront Minnesota and especially our Native staff members of indigenous descent call on our non-native LGBTQ community to join the water protectors at the frontlines in support of their sovereign rights. We are calling on our community to join in the non-violent direct actions at Standing Rock, and for those who can’t, to contribute financially to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, the Sacred Stone Camp, or the Red Warrior Camp as they continue to lead prayers, direct actions, and support one another through this struggle. The fight for basic human rights and justice has never been easy. It is our opportunity to stand in solidarity with the Indigenous community by contributing to and supporting their efforts towards liberation. 


Donations to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe — Dakota Access Pipeline Donation Fund:




Sacred Stone Camp: 




Red Warrior Camp Legal Fund:






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