OutFront Minnesota will not be participating in the events put on by the non-profit organization Twin Cities Pride in 2022. Over many years of working together, OutFront Minnesota staff and volunteers have noted a pattern of behavior that directly conflicts with our efforts to practice anti-oppression and anti-racism. These behaviors have included an overly significant police presence, public statements on Black Lives Matter events, and individual comments made by various staff and volunteers representing TC Pride. 

OutFront Minnesota is open to revisiting a relationship with Twin Cities Pride if and when we see accountability for past behaviors and implementation of feedback from community members to remedy these behaviors. As an organization, OutFront Minnesota is always working to be better in our own practices of anti-racism and tearing down a culture of white supremacy. Our leadership team is available for conversation and further comment about this decision. 

Pride during the month of June and beyond is a protest, a celebration, and a movement. Pride is not owned by any one organization. OutFront Minnesota is looking forward to celebrating Pride at our events and in community with queer and trans Minnesotans across our state in 2022. We look forward to you joining us. All information on OutFront's Pride events for 2022 can be found here.

Please contact Communications Manager Ryan Howe at ryan@outfront.org with questions.