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If at any time you feel unsafe viewing this page, the above button will immediately take you to google.com.

If you are concerned that someone who has access to your computer will use knowledge of the websites you visit to harm you, consider enabling a private browsing mode. Private browsing is not perfect, but it can keep you safer online.

Basic Safety

Trust Your Gut

If you get a feeling that something isn't right, trust your instinct and exit the situation.


Keep your beverage within your eyesight. Don't let strangers watch your drink.

Reach Out

Tell someone where you're going. If you feel threatened call 911 immediately. It's better to be safe, and reporting crimes helps raise awareness.

At Events

Be aware as you walk to or from your car, and walk with friends when possible. If you are bar-hopping, remember to walk with friends and in groups. Travel safely and make sure to let friends know your plans. Arrange for a designated driver or take a cab. Stay in well-lit, well-traveled areas whenever possible.

Comments and Threats

Walk away from any individuals who seem threatening or are making anti-LGBT comments. Do not engage with them and report it to security if possible.

Asserting Your Boundaries

If you find yourself in a dangerous situation try the following tips:

Use your voice. Verbal self-defense is a great first line of defense. Resistance can break an assailant's resolve.

Make a scene. It sends the message that you are not ashamed to call attention to the situation in public and lets others around you know what is happening.

Hooking Up

Meet in Public

It is safest to meet in a public space to get to know each other. If multiple people show up, do not go with them.

Meeting in Private

If you host leave valuables and items that could be used as weapons out of sight. Keep your cell phone charged and close at all times.

If they host PLEASE tell at least one person the address where you are going and for how long. Do not accept drinks. If at any point you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, leave immediately.

Silent Alarm

Tell a friend that if everything is going well you will call or text at a specific time with a code word. This tells the friend that all is well and the alarm is disarmed. Beforehand, tell your friend the address of where you will be and agree on what they should do if you do not call. If you do not call, the friend should call you. If you do not answer, the friend should call the police.

If it is not possible to confide in someone about hooking up, set up an alarm without telling them why. When possible, leave the picture of the person you are meeting open on your computer with the person's name, e-mail address, phone number, and address.

If something happens to you, remember:

You are never responsible for the actions of someone else, so you are not to blame if following some or none of these tips doesn't prevent you from experiencing violence or harassment.

Call for help. Call 911 if it's a life threatening situation. Call someone you trust or feel safe with.

Try to be aware of any items, clothing, or weapons that were involved in the incident.

Contact OutFront Minnesota Anti-Violence Program for help at 612.822.0127/1.800.800.0350 option 3! All our services are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.


You deserve to be safe. Please have a great Pride month.