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Domestic Violence Services

OutFront Minnesota is proud to have been at the forefront of same-sex domestic abuse intervention for years. We are truly one of the national leaders in bringing this issue to light. We offer direct services to victims of domestic violence and offer trainings concerning same-sex domestic abuse to domestic violence service providers.

Statistically, gay and lesbian people experience domestic abuse at about the same rate as the rest of society. Abuse can take many physical and psychological forms and tends to thoroughly demoralize the victim. If you are being abused by a partner, there is help!

OutFront Minnesota has trained domestic abuse staff who can help you file for protective orders, provide supportive counseling regarding your situation, referrals to domestic violence shelters and other safe places in the community. We also provide safety planning and short-term crisis counseling for both domestic violence victims and their concerned families or loved ones. OutFront Minnesota provides victim-related services and will provide referrals, but not direct services, for those seeking help with their own abusive behavior.

24-hours per day you can speak to a trained domestic violence counselor by dialing 1 from OutFront Minnesota's InfoLine at 612.822.0127 or 800.800.0350.

Monday through Friday, we also offer advocacy services at the Hennepin County Domestic Abuse Service Center located in the lower level of the Hennepin County Government Center.

OutFront Minnesota also maintains a Same-Sex Domestic Abuse Hotline at 612.824.8434.


For More Information Contact

Eva Wood
Anti-Violence Program Coordinator