OutFront Minnesota seeks to support all Minnesotans looking live their healthiest and fullest lives, particularly the LGBTQ+ community. We recognize that tobacco addiction is difficult, and that the process towards cessation is even more difficult. 

OutFront Minnesota, as a member of the Minnesotans for a Smoke Free Generation coalition, is connecting Minnesotans to resources in healthcare and wellness as well as supporting advocacy, at the state and local levels, for tobacco cessation policies that are disproportionately harmful to BIPOC, low income, LGBTQ+, and other marginalized communities.


As per data from the Minnesota Department of Health, smoking stands as the leading cause of preventable death and disease in the state. Beyond its addictive nature, smoking elevates the risk of various health ailments including heart disease, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, and numerous types of cancer. Moreover, infants born to mothers who smoke face heightened risks of low birth weight and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Exposure to environmental tobacco smoke, commonly referred to as secondhand smoke, also poses health hazards to those in proximity.

According to the CDC, about two-thirds of youth tobacco users report wanting to quit, and nearly two-thirds report trying to quit in the past year.

  1. In 2021, 65.3% of youth (middle and high school students) who currently used tobacco products reported that they were seriously thinking about quitting the use of all tobacco products.
  2. In 2021, 60.2% of youth who currently used tobacco products reported that they had stopped using all tobacco products for one day or longer in the past year because they were trying to quit.

According to QuitPartner, individuals identifying as LGBTQ+ exhibit tobacco use rates nearly 50% higher than their cisgender heterosexual counterparts.

Per the Rainbow Health's Minnesota's Voices of Health survey conducted in 2020 among 3,000 LGBTQ+ individuals in Minnesota:

  1. Nearly half of LGBTQ+ respondents from Minnesota have a history of smoking (defined as having smoked 100 cigarettes or more in their lifetime), with 33% currently smoking—more than double the state's overall smoking rate of 13.8% among individuals aged 18 and above.
  2. 36% of LGBTQ+ respondents from Minnesota reported past use of e-cigarettes or vaping, with 20% having engaged in e-cigarette use or vaping within the last 30 days—more than triple the state's overall vaping rate of 4.9% among individuals aged 18 and above.
  3. Among surveyed respondents, those aged 18-24 who smoke display a higher propensity to contemplate quitting without a concrete plan (41%) compared to those aged 25-44 (31%) and individuals aged 45 and older (13%).
  4. 55% of LGBTQ+ respondents have smoked 100 cigarettes or more in their lifetime.


List of organizational partners

Minnesotans for a Smoke Free Generation


30-Day Challenge

List of local resources

Quit Partner is Minnesota’s free way to quit nicotine, including smoking, vaping, and chewing. Visit Quit Partner or call 1-800-QUIT-NOW (784-8669).

  • Free support options include:
    •  Coaching over the phone or online
    • Text messaging
    • Email support
    • Quit medication - nicotine patches, gum, or lozenges - delivered by mail (ages 18+)
  • QuitPartner Behavioral Health Program
  • QuitPartner Pregnancy Program
  • The American Indian Quitline
    • The American Indian Quitline from Quit Partner™ is free and available for any Minnesota residents that identify as American Indian or Alaska Native.
    • The American Indian Quitline has a dedicated team of American Indian coaches who understand your culture and respect your traditions. In addition to one-on-one coaching, the American Indian Quitline offers email and text support, educational materials, and quit medication (nicotine patches, gum or lozenges) delivered by mail.
    •  Call 1-833-9AI-QUIT (924-7848) or visit American Indian Quitline.
  • My Life, My Quit™ for Teens
    • My Life, My Quit is a new program to help Minnesota teens ages 13-17 quit commercial tobacco and nicotine, including vaping. The program is free and confidential.
    • Teens can text to chat with a quit coach, engage in coaching calls and online chat, and receive youth-specific materials.
    • Text “Start My Quit” to 36072 or visit My Life, My Quit.
  • If You Have Medical Assistance or MinnesotaCare   
    • Medical Assistance and MinnesotaCare cover counseling and quitting medications for free with a prescription. Learn more at Double Your Chances of Quitting with Free Help.