On this Trans Day of Visibility, we want to highlight our hope for the future as opposed to focusing on the injustice of the present as we're forced to do every day in this movement. Generously shared, here are some thoughts from one of OutFront’s Youth Council members:

“As a trans youth living in Minnesota, my vision for the trans community is having a human understanding of one another. Even if you don't understand my pronouns, even if you don't understand my gender expression, I'm hoping for an overwhelming understanding that we're all just human, all just trying to survive. This is my simple hope for the trans community in Minnesota. The trans future is bright. The trans future is bold. The trans future is human. I hope we can collectively see that for the future.”

We are sending love to our trans siblings today and always.

Looking for ways to support our trans community? Visit our Linktree for action items, and join us at our 2022 Lobby Day Rally on Wednesday, April 6, to stand up for LGBTQ+ rights at the state capitol.