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Republicans push bill to keep transgender people from changing restrooms

Minn. GOP Lawmaker To Address His Controversial ‘Bathroom Bill’

Limit bathroom use to biological sex, Republican lawmakers propose

GOP bill would limit bathroom use to 'biological sex'

Precinct Caucuses & OutFront's Endorsed Candidates

Right-wing religious organization targets a Minnesota charter school for attempting to create a gender-inclusive environment

OutFront Minnesota Challenges Minnesota’s Ban on Medicaid Coverage of Transition-Related Surgery

LGBTQ Organizations Stand in Solidarity with Black Lives Matter

Beth Zemsky's Gala Legacy Award Acceptance Speech

State of Minnesota: Healthcare Plans Cannot Exclude Coverage for Transgender Health Services



In partnership with Out 4 Good and Out For Equity, OutFront Minnesota has established a new statewide GSA Network to connect LGBTQA middle and high school groups and provide students and advisors with support, education, and leadership development. Learn more »


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Each year OutFront Minnesota Community Services assists more than 800 people affected by anti-LGBTQ bias crimes or domestic violence. We provide a crisis support line, legal referrals, and free and confidential crisis counseling and advocacy services for LGBTQ crime victims.

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