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"Minnesota's Youth Speak out for Safe Schools" Produced by Line Break Media.

"Community Gathering : Bullying Prevention Legislation" Held at Faith Lutheran Church in Forest Lake on October 29 with the Safe Schools for All Coalition and OutFront Minnesota. Key note speaker: Senator School Dibble.

To make Minnesota a better place for youth today, sign the petition to Minnesota legislators urging them to pass the Safe and Supportive Minnesota Schools Act.

Minnesota Nice? A documentary on Bullying and Suicide in Minnesota Schools, directed by 18-year old Alec Fischer. The film is currently being re-released for festivals, but if you like Alec Fischer Films on Facebook you will get updates on when it will be available for viewing.

Hollywood Teens Unite Against Bullying
October is National Bullying Prevention Month and some of Hollywood's brightest young stars are showing their support for kids who have been bullied. Check out this 30-second spot that includes Annie Thurman of Hunger Games; Mikey Reid of Victorious; Ashley Argota, Dillon Lane, Mathew Jacob Wayne, and Tiffany Espensen of Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures; and Kenton Duty of Shake It Up! Also appearing are Zach Callison (Sofia the First) and Sammi Hanratty (The Greening of Whitney Brown) plus singers Ashlee Keating (Radio Disney) and Kylie Morgan (Opening Act).

Safe Schools Stories

OutFront is working to make our schools safe for all youth. With your support, we can protect students from bullying and harassment.

Sam Photo


Read Sam's story and the need for safe schools.


Vangie Photo


Read Vangie Castro's story and the need for safe schools.


Jeremiah Photo


Read Anne and Jeremiah Gettis' story of bullying and the need for safe schools.


Kyrstin Photo


Read Kyrstin Schuette's story of being bullied and the need for safe schools.