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OutFront’s Youth & Schools Program exists to further our mission by promoting safe and supportive educational environments for ALL students. In addition to faculty and student body trainings, we focus on developing young leaders who we foster by centering the voices, needs, and priorities of LGBTQ+ youth. Racial, economic and gender justice comprise the core of our educational work.

What We Do

We support a statewide network of Gender & Sexuality Alliances in middle and high schools. We offer visits with GSAs including:

  • Just Getting Started
  • Intro to Gender & Trans Issues
  • Intersections of Identity
  • Beyond the Gender Basics
  • Coming Out
  • Healthy Relationships

MN GSA Leadership Council

We facilitate a year-long leadership program for a select group of GSA LGBTQ+ student leaders who meet twice a month for:

  • Relationship Building
  • Skill development
  • LGBTQ+ Issue discussion
  • Event planning

This Leadership Council plans and leads our annual Youth Summit for more than 500 LGBTQ+ students every spring. They also join OutFront staff as co-facilitators during trainings for educators.

School Guidance and Development

We provide technical assistance, networking, and support for school faculty and GSA advisors on LGBTQ+ issues.

The federal Equal Access Act (20 USC 4071 et seq.) mandates that under certain circumstances, students who wish to create or run a GSAs (“Gay-Straight Alliances” or “Gender and Sexuality Alliances”) have the legal right to do so

In recent years, several Minnesota school districts have adopted “gender inclusion policies,” which articulate a district’s planned approach to accommodating the needs of transgender and gender-nonconforming students

In 2017, the Minnesota Department of Education, working with the Department of Human Rights, released its Transgender Toolkit, a booklet outlining a series of best-practice recommendations for schools working to address the concerns confronting transgender and gender-nonconforming students

Information for LGBTQ Students: State and federal law offer lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or transgender/gender-conforming students protection from discrimination and harassment in their schools

In 2014, the Minnesota State High School League approved a policy allowing transgender/gender-nonconforming students to establish their eligibility to play on the team corresponding to their lived gender

If you’re looking for a progressive campus that takes a strong stand against discrimination — and won’t break the bank — read on for the results of our latest study.

Federal law also protects Minnesota trans students. Title IX prohibits discrimination in federally-funded public schools on the basis of "sex" (See: 20 USC § 1681)

For trans students applying to colleges, very confusing questions can arise surrounding financial aid

What are GSA's?

GSAs are student-led groups that support lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, questioning, and allied (LGBTQA) students. Traditionally, GSA has stood for Gay Straight Alliance, but in the context of this network, GSA stands for Gender and Sexuality Alliance to be clear that everyone is welcome no matter how you identify on the spectrum of gender and sexual orientation. If you want to start a GSA at your school email or call our Youth and Schools staff: | 612.822.0127

What is the MN School Pride GSA network?

This network connects LGBTQA middle & high school groups around the state and provides youth and educators with support, education, relationship building, and leadership development opportunities. The network primarily consists of school-based GSAs, but faith and community-based groups for LGBTQA students ages 10-18 are also welcome to join.

We established the network in partnership with Out 4 Good in Minneapolis Public Schools and Out for Equity in St. Paul Public Schools. Support from the Minnesota Department of Education's School Safety Technical Assistance Center has helped the network grow and expand our connections with schools and educators. 

Register your GSA

What are the benefits of joining the network?

This network exists to build the capacity of LGBTQA students and educators to create schools where all youth can thrive. Members get access to resources, trainings, guest speakers, & fun events. OutFront staff also do regular, interactive visits with GSAs in the network. Some of the topics we offer include:

  • Just Getting Started! How to make your GSA inclusive, effective, & fun!
  • Understanding Gender and Being a Trans Ally
  • Intersections of Identity: How race, culture, ability and other aspects of identity impact the LGBTQ experience

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Our GSA Network is led by the MN GSA Network Leadership Council, a group of 20 students from different high schools around the state. They meet twice a month to set goals, gather resources, and plan activities for the network.

Each GSA also has two Student Leads who represent their GSA to the larger network. Student leads receive regular communication with ideas, resources, and tools for GSA organizing. They connect regularly with other Student Leads and Leadership Council members in person and online.

The Leadership Council, with the help of OutFront staff, plan the annual Youth Summit which brings more than 500 students and educators from across the state to collaborate and learn together. At the end of the day students get the opportunity to meet with their state legislators to talk about the issues that are important to them.

Youth Summit Logo

Do you want to make your school safe, supportive, and empowering for all students? Do you think youth should have more of a say in the decisions that affect them?


March 2019


The Youth Summit is a powerful event for students in grades 9-12.* This event brings hundreds of LGBTQ youth and allies together for leadership development, networking, and the chance to speak directly with state legislators about issues that matter. The day begins with fun activities, speakers, and workshops led by youth facilitators. Adults who are present will attend sessions on creating inclusive schools and best practices for supporting LGBTQ youth. After lunch, participants will to the State Capitol for meetings with legislators.

The cost is $15 per person which includes lunch, and materials. Scholarships are available for anyone in need.

Teachers, we encourage you to bring a group!

Students, sign up and attend with your friends or come on your own!

If you are an adult interested in volunteering at the Summit, email Blaine at

*If your high school GSA includes students who are in younger grades, contact Blaine Kelley at regarding their eligibility.

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