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Next Steps in the Movement for LGBTQ Equality

In 2013 and 2014, Minnesota passed legislation for marriage equality and safe schools. These are huge milestones on the road to equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) people. But we haven’t reached the finish line yet.

Over 18 months, OutFront Minnesota’s staff and board crafted a new strategic plan and unveiled it in August 2014.

Our goals include continuing to actively engage supporters throughout Minnesota in the movement for LGTBQ equality; and advocating for LGBTQ-positive policies, benefits, laws, ordinances, and judicial decisions, on the state, local and corporate levels.

We will also work to advance equity for LGBTQ Minnesotans until the day all LGBTQ people:

  • feel safe to come out and be their authentic selves
  • are accepted and embraced by their families
  • are welcome at their schools, at their workplaces and in their faith communities
  • have access to equitable health care coverage
  • have jobs that pay a living wage
  • can live openly without fear of violence, harassment or discrimination.
symbolNote: This image was adapted from the original graphic: http://indianfunnypicture.com/img/2013/01/Equality-Doesnt-Means-Justice-Facebook-Pics.jpg

“We know that freedom cannot be measured only in policies and laws,” states Monica Meyer, OutFront Minnesota Executive Director. “It must also be measured by the experiences LGBTQ people have in our daily lives — interacting with family, friends, neighbors, classmates, co-workers and members of our faith communities. We have momentum on our side. And, working with champions of equality throughout Minnesota, I know we will make this a reality .”

Primary Areas of Focus Moving Forward

As part of the strategic planning process, staff and board members interviewed close to 100 leaders and community members across the state about what’s next in the movement for LGBTQ equality. Based on these conversations, we will be focusing our future work primarily on these areas:

Youth QPOC Trans Greater MN Faith Elders

Click here to read OutFront Minnesota’s strategic plan.

Join us so that we can continue to work together to make our state more equitable for all LGBTQ Minnesotans. Click here to learn how you can take action.

OutFront Minnesota is including Q for queer in our mission and vision. Here is our definition of the word:

queer adjective

A term with a complexity of meaning;

(1.) An umbrella term that may refer to a person who is gay, an umbrella term who is gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, inter-sex, transgender, gender-queer, or gender nonconforming. Persons who identify in any of the above ways, may also identify as Queer, or it may be its own identity.
(2.) A term of self-identity that challenges binary thinking and rejects heteronormative attitudes and expectations about sex and gender;
(3.) Historically derogatory, the word "queer" has been reclaimed as an identity with a political lens that challenges systems of oppression.

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